Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Nineteen

Getting a little crafty: I finally picked a quote for my next project! May is gonna be kinda tedious in way of craftyness…



Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Eighteen

Picked out my ACT test prep book today. Making a step towards my [as of yet] unknown educational horizon…


Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Seventeen

Today I did a bunch of productive things. Washed my wig, hung a picture, cleared off and polished our table, and played with my pattern blocks. I didn’t get a picture of me riding my bike, reading, taking a walk, or putting away the clean dishes. Today was awesome.


Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Sixteen

I worked on the budget and entered my receipts today.


Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Fifteen

Guess who is getting ready to get her sleep on BEFORE 1am?! THIS GIRL!


Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Fourteen

I worked on another goal for this year: I called about some apartments.


Anatomy of a Habit: Part 1

Anatomy of a Habit: Part 1

I really enjoy getting to listen to Joyce Meyer’s  messages and this one in particular! I thought this fit perfectly with the blog and wanted to share. (I’m considering adding the book she discussed to my reading list!)