Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Three

This was one of the highlights of my whole month. A few years ago if you’d asked me to help with little kids I might have been offended. In the last year or two though I’ve learned how rewarding it is to just chill with some little kids and listen to them. I feel like my life is a lot richer for spending time with these miniature adults.



Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Two

I had the privilege of doing some basic bible study with a new believer. I love being a part of the newness… It’s a tough growing time, but it’s so rewarding.


Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred One

I’ve been meaning to get a letter off to a very special someone, but other things have gotten in the way. Tonight I busted out my new stationery and got that bad boy written!

(My little brother is really important to me and it’s hard not having him around. He lives in Las Vegas with my parents and I live in West Virginia. We’ve not always had the most loving relationship, but I hope my growth as an individual thus far and my letters will make a difference.)


Daily Disciplines: Day THREE HUNDRED

Guys, this is nuts!! I’ve made it 300 days of discipline-ing!! Craft projects, cooking, cleaning, relationship building, personal development… This has been a great ride. I celebrated by napping, crafting, going to life boat, eating pizza, and talking to my parents. Here’s to the next 65 days!!!


Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Ninety Nine

I had a “me and we” day. I spent a few hours at Barnes and Noble and reading [the ‘me’ part], but I also helped Adam with some chores [the ‘we’ part]. It would seem like everyday is a like this, but today I spent time alone doing something that really inspires me, not just something to fill my time. I’m pleased with the day.


Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Ninety Eight

Carpe diem…seize the day… Tonight I had an opportunity to be out there and dress up for an awesome birthday celebration. It’s a little Flashback Friday, circa 2010, but I’m glad I was living life more colorfully.


Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Ninety Seven

Some days you smile. Some days you cry. Sometimes you laugh so hard you cry. You learn to take them all with joy, not everyone has another day. Today I had a bit of a breakthrough and even with the tears I’m smiling. Take THAT sadness!!