Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Thirty Three

Today was a little lonely, but nice and quiet. I decided to use a face mask Adam had got me. Peeling off what felt like my face was kinda cool though. Hooray for relaxing!



Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Thirty Two

Tried a new thing today and not only was I not afraid to try, I thought it would be a success! Gettin’ rid of the stinkin’ thinkin’ is making life SO much more fun. For my first try at lattice work I’m pretty proud!!


Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Thirty

Adam sent me a ‘Love Bomb’ of texts today and I’m posting this because I’ve been working on not getting so embarrassed by these kinds of things. I know that I was designed to be Adam’s wife, and it’s been a privilege, but I’ve been super weird about expressing that around others. I tend to not be very serious about how much he means to be and I don’t want to be that way any more. Here’s to being comfortable with who I am in my relationship with my wonderful Spouse Man!

[I know this sounds silly, but I’ve come a long way this year. I’ve gotten comfortable enough to kinda snuggle when we’re home and we have people over. I’ll freely let him hold me while we are out. PDA isn’t something either of use are super into but his love language is touch, so I need to be less distant while in public. I’m getting there!!]


Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Twenty Nine

Spending a little bit of time everyday on my craft project: easy to do, easy not to do. Today was a little messy, but progress was made.


Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Twenty Eight

When I spent over an hour shopping at Michael’s [I was just there Saturday, but I forgot some things.] and forgot my wallet as I was in line to check out, I only came unglued in one corner. I actually think it’s hilarious instead of infuriating. Laughing at my mistakes makes them a lot easier to deal with.

[Check out theses awesome bird clips! I think I need these for some cool hair pieces…]


Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Twenty Seven

Mini-date tonight to pick up some supplies [on sale!] for one of our Christmas gift craft projects.


Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Twenty Six

The book Unglued gave me something to think on today…”Those labels [the negative self talk things] start out as little threads of self-dissatisfaction but ultimately weave together into a straitjacket of self-condemnation.” The author really hit home for me when she talked about her messy closet. Just because things are messy it doesn’t make me a mess, it simply means the room needs cleaned. No more condemnation for this child of God!

[Special Note: I shouldn’t have labeled this cookie as ‘delicious’ just because it looked that way…]