Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Five

I had fun. I let myself go and have fun even if things weren’t the way I thought they should be or if I had a thousand things to do. I block myself off from a lot of opportunities…I don’t want to be so ridged.


[Tonight I went to my high school alma mater’s big rival game. I only ever went to one game while in school and it was the same one. Getting there was really complicated, there was only parking in fields surrounding the school, we missed half the game, there was nowhere to sit and my school lost. In the past all those things would have had me screaming, but I was laughing the while time. Adam and I were blessed with some hilarious fellowship after the game too. I love having good friends!]

Here’s a picture from where we had to stand. The rival team hosted the game this year and only has one giant set of bleachers. We stood on our team’s side behind the fence. Also, I’m sorry these guys are ruining the picture.


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