Daily Disciplines: Day Thirty

In case anyone was confused, romance isn’t just for February. Romance isn’t just for those who are newly married or just dating. Romance is something I want to fold into my marriage on a regular basis.



Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty Nine

I hope that in 2014 I can take more opportunities to bless the people I work with more often. Staff meeting will be sweet tomorrow!


Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty Eight

While doing a little work on gift ideas for Adam, I got to thinking… As we grow together as a couple our gift giving will just get better. As we learn the heart of the ones we love we learn to bless them better. I’m really excited about buying Adam some ‘just because’ gifts this year and be a more effective blessing.

[If you can’t tell, one of my love languages is gifts. Christmas 2014 gift idea list has already been framed up. Annnnnnnd, I’d like to say I love these tights! I feel like a peacock when I wear them!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty Seven

I was reminded of lyrics to a great song by JJ Heller today: “Sometimes I don’t know what You’re doing/But I know who You are”. I’m not real sure what all God is doing, but I know it’s going to work out for my good. Disappointment doesn’t have to be my destruction.


[Found out that the house we really loved has a contract on it. This doesn’t mean the people won’t back out, but it’s kinda sad for me. I have been super on the fence about making a decision and I kept dragging my feet… Maybe this is the house for us, maybe it’s not, but I hope the people love it the way we would have.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty Six

This ‘quiet’ thing I’ve been working on has been pretty great for feelin relaxed. And naps. Napping has been good.

[Adam seems to be appreciating it as well. He’s a quiet guy and I think he does well when there’s not so much loud music and crazy YouTube videos playing all day.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty Five

One of my favorite quotes is from William Morris and it’s something I think on pretty frequently: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”. Today I busted out my tea pot and had a mini tea party! There are some things I’ve been given that need to get more use and some things that I can get rid of. Lord, help me see the beautiful and useful things in my home.


Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty Four

Impromptu craft project! I’ve wanted to get this done for awhile, so I guess I’ll be putting some other projects on pause. I’ll need to start managing some of these projects a little better.