Daily Disciplines: Day Fifty Eight

I may not have been considering a field today, but I was being wise about where I’d like to invest some money. Being that Proverbs 31 woman, ya’ll!



Daily Disciplines: Day Fifty Seven

Finding the fun in regular life stuff is something I think lots of people struggle with right now. Everyday I’m learning that it’s not about finding what’s fun, but about making it fun. I’ve got to throw off the care of what everyone thinks and fully embrace life!

[Adam let me ride on the back of the cart while we went grocery shopping. He even humored me by taking a picture for tonight’s DD!]


Daily Disciplines: Day Fifty Five

Took another step towards getting my teeth cleaned: filled out some paperwork they sent me! I didn’t put off filling it out for days and days, I’m done with it early!


Daily Disciplines: Day Fifty Four

Adam and I spent some time researching cars and discussing the future. We also ate popcorn.


Daily Disciplines: Day Fifty Three

Developing a personal style is one of my passions, so I often think about what I’m wearing and what it’s saying to others. The things we choose to wear, or not wear, are like bait. If you don’t want a certain kind of fish, don’t bait him. If you don’t want a fish at all, but want a lion, you’ve got to use the right bait in a particular environment. This isn’t just something single men and women should be thinking about, it can even apply to attracting a certain caliber friend. You might be communicating something with your personal style you are missing… I guess these are just some musings of a girl on a day where she felt quite trendy and awesome.


Daily Disciplines: Day Fifty Two

Two words: Lava. Cake. Just kidding, lava cake can’t be something I have daily, but what it stands for IS something I can have everyday. Adam and I finished the first night of a marriage seminar and went out for lava cake at eat n’ park afterwords. We asked some hard questions and talked about more than just daily tasks. Learning someone’s heart is a messy but rewarding task. Thank God for lava cake.


Daily Disciplines: Day Fifty One

When I picked up working on my nail polish journal again I realized I needed a good method for getting to page to dry before I closed the journal. This is where this glass comes in handy! Hooray for witty ideas and solutions to problems!!