Daily Disciplines: Day Thirty Nine

Real Life Moment: I was inspired by Rachel’s pin curls and wanted to try it in my hair. Well, not so good. Because of the cut I have, my hair in the back couldn’t really be done correctly and my hair seemed super dry when I took it down. So, if my inspired idea could be given a grade I’d give it a solid D, if i had a curling iron to catch some of the weird pieces is give this adventure a C. I’m proud of myself for going our there and just trying something even though I had no idea how it would try out and not becoming unglued about how it looked all day. I ain’t gonna be insecure!


Bonus Picture:
Pin Curls Before


One Comment on “Daily Disciplines: Day Thirty Nine”

  1. haticedogan says:

    love it ! it would mean alot if you checked out my beauty blog too 🙂

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