Daily Disciplines: Day Eighty Nine

Planning a craft project isn’t just about deciding if you’ll make it and when, you’ve also got to check your pricing! I’m going to brush up on the directions for this one, but this will be fun little birthday craft!

[Bonus: I also worked some more on my nail polish journal. I’m not working on it everyday, but I am taking it a little bit at a time.]



Daily Disciplines: Day Eighty Eight

Investing in the development of our personal style with our apartment has been so difficult for us. The little steps towards developing this has been incredibly rewarding for me emotionally and one of the best things I ever learned at a marriage seminar was that women connect emotionally to space. This piece of wisdom has really encouraged me to do my best to my a space our own. Thank God for Adam’s help!!


Daily Disciplines: Day Eighty Seven

There are times that you just need a late night donut run to clean your head.

[We had broccoli for dinner tonight. This is sacrificial love right here people.]


Daily Disciplines: Day Eighty Five

Thank God for friends who are persistent! I am pleased to say I’ve got a great friend who kept with me till I reached a goal that I was dragging my feet to accomplish. Hannah, you’re great.

[birthday necklace.]


Daily Disciplines: Day Eighty Four

When people say to tackle the most difficult task first then your day will be easier, I generally think it’s stupid. However, the things I got done today don’t lie, it’s one of them ‘proof is in the puddin’ things.

[Adam is the cutest bunny ever.]


Daily Disciplines: Day Eighty Three

Adam and I watched a movie tonight. When it was finished we didn’t just move on with our lives, we took time to talk about some ‘teachable points’ in the movie. I want to keep that habit up, taking time to reflect on both the things I liked and the things I did not like about an event.


Daily Disciplines: Day Eighty One

Did a little outfit planning…

[We are going another skit at church tomorrow, so I’m bringing the purple haired girl back! I also wrote the skit, so I did that today too.]