Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Seventy Nine

We took a baby step towards a goal today by test driving some cars! Besides the horrible stench of new cars, it felt great to cross two cars off our list of maybes. I’m a very petite lady who doesn’t want to sit in a booster seat to drive, which will be a challenge. Good news is that we had fun!

[Funny story: Adam went to work today and looked nice when we showed up to the car lot. I, on the other hand, had just gone swimming and was dressed accordingly. This means I replaced makeup for sunscreen, had a bandana in my hair, and wore flip flops. I was the epiphany of style and grace while looking at new cars with Adam… Not.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Seventy Seven

I watched a documentary following a man who built one of these ‘tiny houses’. There were things the movie brought up that really have me thinking: Could I build a tiny house? Could I LIVE in a tiny house? When am I moving to Colorado?!? I love things that provoke my deeper thought life, and dare me to dream.

[I believe the documentary is called ‘Tiny’ and I watched it on Netflix]


Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Seventy Five

I needed help today at the grocery store, and two people walked right past me not even passing a glance my way. I know that I’m no looker, but I very obviously needed some assistance. The brief moment made me wonder how I treat strangers. Am I so absorbed in my own agenda that I miss the people struggling right beside me? I might be rolling that thought around for awhile…


Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Seventy Four

Instead of just listening to music or sermons while I worked, I wanted to learn something new. Last week I got back into some favorite podcasts that hit on a variety of topics. So, today I picked a few to start with and after work, I felt like I had something new and exciting to share with Adam. Here’s to growing from the inside out!!


Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Seventy Three

I know people say ‘seize the day’, and I would agree with them, seize away. However, today I had to seize the minute! I’ve wanted to hang Adam’s diploma since we got it framed over a year ago, but we just kept talking about it. Something just come up on me when we walked in the front door this evening: we got this hung up, the coatrack cleaned up, and we recycled our excess Kroger bags. Seize the minute.


Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Seventy One

We wanted to budget more money in certain categories this month, but couldn’t. However, we just got some unexpected money! When I first thought about it, I realized that I had a choice to make: would I spend the money haphazardly or would I divide the money among the categories Adam and I discussed? I’m learning to trust that God knows what I need, and to make decisions with the future in mind. It feels good to know we made a good decision.

[I saw this shirt at Target and thought of my younger brother who loves cats. He also loves crazy trippy stuff.]