Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Thirty Nine

Tonight while going through old papers from when Adam was in school I was reminded of how quick life goes. It really does feel like he had just graduated, but it was two years ago! I can’t just get caught up in existing, because life will have happened in the mean time. I’m gonna make it a point to make memories!

[This plant was the only one of its kind growing by our apartment building. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it before and I was so interested I stopped to take this picture. Enjoy!]


Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Thirty Four

No matter how many relationship books or articles we read, we still forget our significant other is different. If I take a break in the middle of a time consuming project, I have a difficult time starting back up. Adam is SO the opposite: he needs five minute breaks every half hour of work done. This is a lesson we’ve been forced to learn in the past and we’ve vastly improved from when we started!


Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Thirty Three

Tonight I sorted through our CDs and DVDs. It was really nice to get Adam’s help later on, cause you never know what you’ll find cleaning! One of the CDs we looked at had pictures of us from 2009/2010! It’s amazing how four years can change a face…

[Also, that’s a knitted mermaid tail from the Daybrook Fair… A KNITTED MERMAID TAIL.]


Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Thirty One

I’ve had a breakthrough in my brain games! This particular game seemed to be the bane of my brain workouts. But through perseverance and just taking it slow, I’ve finally beat my highest score. This really isn’t much of an accomplishment to some people, but I got real revelation of why I wasn’t doing better before!