Daily Disciplines: Day Thirty

Ever have one of those days where you just decide to almost recklessly make decisions because you feel like any decision you make will pan out well? I did. It’s amazing to feel like I could jump into anything and be successful… But I know better than to make rash choices just because I have a good day. In any cause, days like this feel fun.

IMG_1299[While going through old records, I found this. Adam and I listened to it.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty Seven

** Special Guest: Adam Cook **
I have been working on breaking down tasks into smaller parts so that I can make progress little by little rather than being overwhelmed by large goals.

IMG_1264[This focus time app is great for making tasks seem manageable. It lets you work for a period of time and then you get a short break before getting back to work!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty Six

I’m doing my new journal a little different than I’m used to journaling: I’m not going in order. When I turn the page on some days the entry just doesn’t seem to fit, so I go to the next best fitting one. This is in and of itself overcoming the issue I have about doing things in order. Sweet!


Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty Five

Adam and I had a planning meeting for a department we’re involved in at church and I was kinda nervous. We serve with some great friends so that wasn’t an issue, but I was sharing some ideas I had, which made me nervous. Its been a long time since I was excited about sharing creative plans and I didn’t want to sound stupid. I’m grateful for boldness, even if I stuttered a little. I’m also grateful for awesome, patient people to serve with!

2015/01/img_1256.jpg[Just in case you were wondering, I hate sink bugs. This one was in my workspace at church this morning. Good news: it didn’t get in my hair or on my face.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty Four

This is a DD another day in the making: rearranging our living room. My amazing in-laws MADE this beautiful bookshelf for Adam and I for Christmas and we finally were able to get it to the house! Since we got it in we’ve moved it around, put stuff on it, moved it a little more, and then we just plain admired it. We are over the moon about being able to have more of our books out AND we have a place for our DVDs.

2015/01/img_1254.jpg[I haven’t forgotten about posting pictures, the room is still under construction in a few ways. lol]

Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty Three

The season has finally changed at Casa de Cook! Christmas stuff is all sorted out and put in its proper place. To celebrate Adam rearranged to living room and we have crazy amounts of space!! Photos to come.

2015/01/img_1247.jpg[I’ve really wanted a Valentine’s Day wreath. Adam really wanted to take me on a date. I was feeling too tired for a date. He was still set on taking me out. I haggled with him and got this wreath instead of a date. It was awesome.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty One

People often say “dream big” or “shoot for the moon”. Today I got to spend the day with my other half planning for our “regular” size dreams. It’s important to believe for the big things: home, spouse, education, health, but it’s important to believe for the little things: a couch that suits our living room, a new modern looking bed frame, picture frames, or rugs. Adam and I are now gonna make a plan to reach these little dreams.

2015/01/img_1245.jpg[I might be saving my nickels and dimes for the full couch version of this beauty. Oh, Ikea, you make me swoon!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty

I’m not sure who is overcoming who in the ongoing saga between my workouts and I. Yesterday I was so tired I fell asleep before posting my DD! Tonight I was so sore and tired I didn’t think I could finish the intense 22 minutes. These sound like I’m losing the battle, but I DID finish both workouts without stopping and I’ll tell you, that counts as a victory! Progress may not be noticeable, but I’m making it every workout!