Daily Disciplines: Day Fifty Eight

You know what makes life have a lightness to it? When you feel loved. So many times I ignore my “low battery” warning feelings and just try to plow through my daily tasks. Then I have days like today that make me feel full to bursting with love all because I plugged myself into the things that make me feel loved. 

Here’s what made my day so full of love: 

  • The sun was shining
  • My house was clean by 11:30am
  • I babysat great behaving kids
  • My hubby ordered me to gifts just because he wanted to and they both came in the mail (SHOES!!!CLOTHES!!)
  • I spent meaningful time with my mother-in-law 
  • I spent the whole late afternoon/evening with my grandparents, who also decided to treat me to lunch
  • My parents and my little brother all FaceTimed me for a little while tonight

Knowing what energizes you and makes you feel loved are keys to lasting joy. It’s been pivotal in making changes in my marriage and friendships. If I know what I need I am then able to communicate it and they’re then able to meet that need. However, if I never explore that area and never communicate that need with others, but I still expect to feel full over love and power, I’ve set myself up to be disappointed.

Daily Disciplines: Day Fifty Five

It’s great to look at the next season of our lives with hope. However, it’s easy to idealize it and gain unrealistic expectations. We all want spring flowers, but hate the rain. I’m gonna try making more pro and con lists, that might help…

IMG_1411[Speaking of spring, this picture is of my floral ‘coloring book pants’ and my abstract watercolor floral scarf over top. Crazy cool combo!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Fifty

Might sound silly, but I made dinner for myself and ate it. When I’m the only one eating I have a difficult time feeling motivated to prepare something healthy. Tonight I broke that and enjoyed my meal!

IMG_1358[Belated Valentine’s Day post: here is how you can tell I’m married to a musician!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Forty Nine

Some people scorn anything from their past. Any reminder of what they grew up with hurts them… It breaks my heart. I’m glad that I don’t live in my past anymore and that I’m not the same person I was then, but there are beautiful things from my past. Lovely things that I learned and experienced. Today I was feeling nostalgic while eating my favorite comfort food: grilled cheese and tomato soup. It’s a blessing being able to bask in such fond memories from time to time.

IMG_1383[In case it’s not clear, the back portion of this collage out the back window at the house. You can kinda tell it was snowing…]

Daily Disciplines: Day Forty Four

Celebrating awesome friendships is awesome. Today was so full of love that it almost made me sick. Happy Galentine’s Day to all my lady friends!

[Mini Craft project revealed! That banner was crazy simple and so so so so sweet. Shoutout to Adam for tracing the letters for tracing the letters for me.]