Daily Disciplines: Day Eighty Seven

Adult Life Tip #2: Take a page out of the book from your teen years. Don’t get crazy on me and go break some laws, and I’m not really taking to my young adult friends, this is for my more mature friends. Don’t worry so much about what strangers think and fully embrace the joys all around you. If a bike is just parked next to the display, ride it, and then crash it into a shelf, and then laugh a lot. It’s good for you.



Daily Disciplines: Day Eighty Six

When we’re young people tell us not to say anything if we don’t have something nice to say. When we grow up we sometimes post those not so nice things online. I want to strike a balance in my life, keep it real so to speak. In the spirit of doing so: I’ve had a rough two days where I felt like if I posted anything it wasn’t going to be pretty. I kept my dirty laundry where it belonged and now I’ve washed it, so I can be honest and say things have been hard without lashing out.


[The cookies really helped.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Eighty

My journal that I’ve been working on this year has got me thinking outside of my fashion comfort zone. The past few days have been me asking myself to be really honest: what IS out of my fashion comfort zone?!? Taking the time to really meditate on a question, even it’s not an overly spiritual one, yields wonderful results.


[I tried something new in regards to fashion today: check out dem earring!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Seventy Nine

Honestly, I have no idea what to say for today’s post. I woke up and lazyed it up in my pajamas all day, mismanaged my time and painted one coat of nail polish on one hand before I was reminded that I had to get dressed to spend an evening with some great friends. I didn’t do anything DD worthy. We’ll just move on and do more tomorrow.


[If this isn’t the most amazing bag of skittles in existence I don’t know what is…]

Daily Disciplines: Day Seventy Four

I tend to be more of a visual thinker/learner than Adam, so I appreciate him helping me to SEE things for our future. Window shopping and dreaming and planning and praying and discussing and researching have all been great fun to do with Adam. So, here’s to much much much more of the: window shopping, dreaming, planning, praying, discussing and researching!

[Ikea has their kitchen section all remodeled and it was dreamy, ya’ll.]