Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred NineteenĀ 

I enjoyed my home today. I find that people forget to enjoy their space after the newness has worn off. You can have a perfect deck with a perfect yard and look out your window at it and not once take time to enjoy it. Deciding to celebrate and take pleasure in my space has been a real process, I’ve not always been very good at it, but I am so much more happy for trying. Our deck needs work done to it and our view might not be grand, but this is where we are and it’s perfect.


Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Eighteen

If ya’ll forgot, I was working out earlier this year with my awesome neighbor. And, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been keeping mum on that front. The silence was because we’ve been really sporadic about getting together. One thing or another seemed to be getting in the way, however there is hope! Heather and I are back at it and chipping away at our health goals. I may be extra sore, but I’m oh so proud. Cheers to getting back “on the horse” so to speak.
[COLOR CHANGING SILLY PUTTY IS AT TARGET!!!! I’ve been looking for this for Adam for YEARS! It’s the best. Seriously.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred SeventeenĀ 

Bathroom Project One: Revive old coat hanger to replace towel bar.


[This is the before photo. The hanger is currently painted and ready for the wall.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Fourteen

Seasons change in stages it seems. Spring just sneaks up on you: one day the trees are bear and then in an instant they have flowers and in one more instant the same trees have leaves! I’ve found that changing seasons in life is pretty similar, and at the risk of sounding boring, preparing your home for a season change is a sneaky process. One moment I’m opening the windows for some fresh air, the next moment everything from winter is packed away in the attic like it never happened! Strange affair this ‘spring’…

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Thirteen

Began a mini belated birthday craft project tonight. Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow.

[This photo has nothing to do with the project. All shall be revealed at the proper time. This is a closer photo of our new cups for using on the deck. They say ‘salud’ which means ‘health’.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Twelve

Chores. Chores. Chores.


[selfie game strong]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred TenĀ 

Laundry Room Project One: Hang Curtain in Doorway in Lieu of a Door


[This wasn’t an expensive or time consuming project, but it’s made a huge impact on the space. Sorry for the awkward picture, but taking photos in this area is near impossible.]