Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Forty Nine

Sometimes it takes failure punching us in the face to realize we’re wrong. Some days I’m great at going with the flow and I’m not uptight, but some days I’m not where I want to be. Even if it hurts crazy bad, I am glad that I can see where I still need to grow.

[We got a little lost today. Our GPS didn’t quite understand what we wanted to do and I got frustrated with Adam. I was snippy and mean because I don’t like being lost. Instead of ‘enjoying the journey’ like I did yesterday I fell into an old pattern. God can change me. I will keep at it.]

[I bought these roses a few days ago for like $3.00!]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Forty Eight

‘Enjoy the journey’ is a lovely sentiment, but putting into practice can be tricky. However, when you’re able to put it into practice it’s SO. MUCH. FUN! So, Adam and I took our time getting to our main destination and stopped at a few places that sounded cool. I’m also proud to say that I went and chilled 120 feet underground looking at rocks, WITHOUT FREAKING OUT! I’m really looking forward to our trip home and the adventures that’ll come from it!)
[Selfie Stick goes underground.]

 [We stopped at Lost World Caverns, btw.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Forty Two

My momma spoiled me as a little girl: she loved to play with my hair and do my makeup and paint my nails… And now that I’m grown I’m basically inept at all things beauty. I’m not mad or bitter, it was something my mom and I bonded over: she loved to do it, while I loved to have it done. But, I want to learn more, and thanks for the power of FaceTime I was able to get my momma’s help! I’ll see sleeping in there puppies tonight as an experiment, and I’ll keep growing in this wonderfully fun and painful and tedious and exciting part of femininity.

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Forty

Growing up we often wonder about situations or their meanings, once grown we sometimes have a clearer understanding of why something might have happened. However, there are still yet things that happened or are said that are shrouded in mystery from our early years. I’m leaning to ask. There are things I may never know, and that’s okay, but clarity of my past or perhaps the past of my family, can really bring clarity to my present. Ask. Seek. Knock.
[The ‘B’ ‘G’ pin had been my grandma’s. Since I hadn’t the privilege of knowing her, having something of hers makes me feel like I could have known her well.]

[I should say this DD stemmed from Adam asking his mother a question about something small from this childhood. Nothing bad or damaging, just a curiosity really, and it was very insightful. Our families are very different in this respect. My family is almost painfully honest, while his seem to speak in half sentences or not at all. I hope we can marry the two extremes for our family…]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Thirty Nine

[Special Guest: Cook Adam]
Today I worked eleven and a half hours at my job. I definitely didn’t think my situation was ideal, but I knew that no matter what situation I was in I had to make the most of it. I have been getting a lot better about not letting myself get discouraged through long shifts.

[Caitlin: A WALKING SLEEPING BAG?!?! Guys, this is the future.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Thirty Eight

I  went fishing. I caught fish. I baited my own hook. I KISSED A FISH!! There are things that scare us or make us nervous but if we just tried it we might find its not so bad. I’m not going to say fishing is my new favorite outdoor activity, but I can now enjoy one of my husband’s favorite outdoor activities!
^^ first fish is ever caught: a blue gill

^^ third fish I’d ever caught: bass

*This happened yesterday, but DD doesn’t get posted on Sunday’s anymore*

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Thirty Six

Find people that you want to do life with and live! The best part of my whole day was getting to snap a few selfies with these ladies. I appreciate the love and support they give me on a daily basis and I hope I can give the same to them.
[The women’s group I’m a part of had its annual tea and conference. It was a really great weekend and I was honored to have been a part of it. Adam came and played piano and I got to do some emcee work. It was neat kinda getting to work with Adam while he did something that he loves and I did something that I love. Just a taste of the future?!]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Thirty Four

Having a real life is a privilege. I have a house to clean and friends to invite over and a husband to feed… I could be alone and have no home… Sometimes we get bogged down thinking about other people’s plans or work gets in the way of remembering how blessed we are to have a regular life.
[Our back deck is pretty fancy with these tabletop torches!]