Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Forty

Growing up we often wonder about situations or their meanings, once grown we sometimes have a clearer understanding of why something might have happened. However, there are still yet things that happened or are said that are shrouded in mystery from our early years. I’m leaning to ask. There are things I may never know, and that’s okay, but clarity of my past or perhaps the past of my family, can really bring clarity to my present. Ask. Seek. Knock.
[The ‘B’ ‘G’ pin had been my grandma’s. Since I hadn’t the privilege of knowing her, having something of hers makes me feel like I could have known her well.]

[I should say this DD stemmed from Adam asking his mother a question about something small from this childhood. Nothing bad or damaging, just a curiosity really, and it was very insightful. Our families are very different in this respect. My family is almost painfully honest, while his seem to speak in half sentences or not at all. I hope we can marry the two extremes for our family…]

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