Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Nine

Confronting people or situations can be very difficult, but confronting yourself is even more tricky. I’ve been really meditating on a situation and how to handle it when I was confronted with it today. I want to cry and laugh at the same time, so I just smiled. It feels good to know that I’m getting dealt with in this area before it gets out of hand.

[long story short to all that I typed above: I have a good friend and our friendship started out well, but overtime they’ve really brought me down. I’ve gotten cynical and angry about things insead of talking about it. Sadly, I’m going to have to confront this NegItive Ned in my life. I don’t want to contaminate the other wonderful positive people I have in my life just because of my friendship with this person. It’s a harsh thing to think about where I started out to where I am now and how much I could have hurt others. Attitudes are contagious and I’ve been catching the wrong one.]  [I gush about my cool neighbors frequently, and I’m gonna again! They were amazing and got this beautiful fence to replace our old one. I took this picture last week before they finished fencing in their whole yard but you should all know that it looks amazing. It’s great having friends who are working on their home… Kinda gives you a kick in the pants to work on your own!]

[One more thing: we moved our shed! When we first moved in, even though you couldn’t tell by looking, our shed was over on or neighbor’s property. Adam and I had hoped to replace it before we had to move this old rusty one, but not right now. Our next task is to patch some spots, replace some bolts, and then paint it with something to prevent more rust. It’s great having the shed moved, AND Adam put in a wood floor instead of just gravel!]

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