Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Forty Two

Nothing like the expectation of new guests to get all those little projects finished! Thank God for my great partner’s help, because otherwise I’d have just melted at all there was to do.
[Even with all these options you know I picked black, right?]


Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Forty

How can you bless someone right next to you? Maybe it’s your parents, or your siblings, a roommate, or maybe you just gotta treat yo self! But, no mater what, find a simple way to show someone you care about them. I made some zucchini bread for Spouse, but also a loaf to share… I’m going to be thinking about some new and creative ways to bless those around me!
[This picture is a week old or something, I looked horrifying today.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Thirty Nine

I don’t want to get too ‘grown’ or ‘mature’ or ‘adult’ to create things. Painting pottery, coloring, doodling, writing, singing, whatever it may be, I need to get creative. Maybe it’s just my temperament coming through, but I think the sentiment is the same. Don’t let ‘growing up’ mean forgetting what makes you feel alive. Oh, and keep people around who make sure you don’t forget.
[I didn’t snap a picture of the thing I was creative with today, so this picture of someone’s dreamy flower garden will have to do.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Thirty Eight

Seeing a car accident, even if a fairly minor one, can really get you thinking. So today I’m thankful. I’m blessed with a car that runs, a license to drive, money to buy groceries, a partner to life with, and so much more.
[Last Saturday we were over by the high school where we met. Oh, the memories!] 

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Thirty Seven

I might have fallen asleep while making a grocery list, but when I woke up at 4am I made sure to finish it. So, I napped AND made my weekly meal plan/grocery list. Boom. Also, I’m going back to sleep. 
 [Taco costume for a dog or a cat. Mr. Marbles could be taco cat. I need dis.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Thirty Six

Adult Task #374: Get dat life insurance.
BONUS TASK: Meet with a financial advisor. It doesn’t hurt to get started early!
[Mr. Marbles filled a missing place in our family. Being able to cuddle him and hear him purr is basically the best thing in the world. I might have been converted to Team Pet!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Thirty Four

Cook Family 3.0 has grown by four feet! Meet the newest resident at Casa de Cook, Mr. Marbles the marbled tabby cat. He’s about 2-3 years old and such a chill quiet guy. He’s still figuring out the house and how he feels about it, but we already love having him here.
[We adopted Mr. Marbles through a local organtizaltion called Pet Helpers, Inc. They’re a great group of volunteers who foster the cats and dogs until they find a furever home. I never thought we’d be super into the idea of adopting, but once it happened I felt over the moon. To feel like you made a difference in an animal’s life sounds just nuts, but it’s such a true thing. We hope Mr. Marbles adjusts to being with us and really becomes a part of our family. Oh, and one of the coolest parts: at the adoption event they were doing today they had a chance for your to get the adoption fee discounted OR free. All you had to do was roll a die, if you got a 1, the fee was 10$, 2 20$, etc. If you rolled a 6, the fee was waived, and guess what I rolled, suckas! Being able to adopt him for free really helped us since we had to buy all the cat/pet supplies. To top it all off, I wore my cat shirt not really thinking we’d get a cat today. Oh, how funny life can be!]