Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Thirty Four

Cook Family 3.0 has grown by four feet! Meet the newest resident at Casa de Cook, Mr. Marbles the marbled tabby cat. He’s about 2-3 years old and such a chill quiet guy. He’s still figuring out the house and how he feels about it, but we already love having him here.
[We adopted Mr. Marbles through a local organtizaltion called Pet Helpers, Inc. They’re a great group of volunteers who foster the cats and dogs until they find a furever home. I never thought we’d be super into the idea of adopting, but once it happened I felt over the moon. To feel like you made a difference in an animal’s life sounds just nuts, but it’s such a true thing. We hope Mr. Marbles adjusts to being with us and really becomes a part of our family. Oh, and one of the coolest parts: at the adoption event they were doing today they had a chance for your to get the adoption fee discounted OR free. All you had to do was roll a die, if you got a 1, the fee was 10$, 2 20$, etc. If you rolled a 6, the fee was waived, and guess what I rolled, suckas! Being able to adopt him for free really helped us since we had to buy all the cat/pet supplies. To top it all off, I wore my cat shirt not really thinking we’d get a cat today. Oh, how funny life can be!]

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