Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Thirty One

Imma try to keep that grateful mindset we all gushed about from yesterday intact for a least a few more days. There are bunches of big and small ways that I can see I’m blessed with more than enough. The sun was shining today, my husband came home from a long long day and laughed with me, I have family that enjoys my company, my cat likes to cuddle, I have a home and food to eat…. The list goes on for a good long time… Yeah, I’ll keep on this gratitude thing.
[How have I missed getting a picture of our new outdoor decoration posted??]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Thirty

 The only picture I managed to snap today, and it happened to be of something I’m crazy thankful for: my marriage. Every Thanksgiving since we’ve been together has been different but this one might have been my favorite. Food was finished early enough that we actually got to eat together before Adam had to work, and we had two guests over!  
[Obligatory post about thankfulness done!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Twenty Nine

Today I had to accept some of my limits. As much as I mentally want to prepare for something, there is only so much I can do physically at times that I just gotta get over it. Tomorrow morning is gonna be busy!
[I’m pulling pictures from waaaaaaaay back, like early summer…. This was a mini craft project I did for the holidays! Kelly got me this shirt that I loved but was only able to wear once a year. SO, I decided to cut the shirt, and frame it to be hung up every year for Christmas. Now I just have to decided where it’s going to go….]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Twenty Eight

First trimester naps are again my excuse for not posting. I also haven’t taken a lot of pictures lately, kinda difficult to take a bunch of pictures when you’re sleeping… Anyway, I’ve kept busy between sleeps. Spent all day at home with Spouse cleaning the house on Saturday and on Sunday we got Christmas stuffs out. Yesterday and today were spent planning for the upcoming holidays. The DD lesson to be had in all this? Keep moving forward and if that means taking more rests, do that.
[I forgot this happened! Adam snapped this just as we were about to walk into our first baby appointment. We were super pumped, but I was also super nervous.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Twenty Four

I got my blood work done today and I feel disappointed in myself. We tend to be our own worst critics though, and in the down moments we seem to be able to perfectly recall every critical thing someone said about a particular area. I guess I CAN be proud that it’s done and I only passed out after they’d finished, and I only cried a bunch when I got home. Despite how pathetic I’ve felt all day, I KNOW I’ve made progress in this area. My prayer is that I can just keep getting better and be the mom I need to be for Cookie.

[Shoutout to Heather who basically only sees me at my worst and still likes me for some reason. I couldn’t have done today without her, she’s an angel.]  [A picture with wonderful people from yesterday. This makes today about 12% better, which means a lot.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Twenty

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Lots of little things and plenty of big things to think on… It’s nice that we have some time before Cookie arrives, but nine months will be gone in a flash.  
[Today Adam and I worked on making some notes on names. A NAME FOR A HUMAN BEING. LIKE, THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE CALLED. It’s sorta weird how your parents just decided they’d call you a thing and that’s what happened. Stuff you might not think about before a baby, but it’s a thing…]

[Oh, and Mr. Marbles likes being under the covers. This is a rare treat for him since he’s not usually allowed in the bed.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Seventeen

Finally stopped putting off my eye doctor appointment and picked up my new glasses today! In the past when I’ve looked at new frames I’ve felt overwhelmed and alone. This time I had help from someone who would know: someone who worked there! At times I think we’re afraid to ask a sales associate for assistance because we don’t want to get up sold or bullied into a decision. I’m finding more and more often that if you ask for the help you can weed out the people just trying to make a sale on you. AND sometimes people are just trying to feed their family and making a sale will do that…  
[Not the best picture, so be on the lookout for these puppies! Not literal puppies, I was referencing my new glasses…]