Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Sixty Four

While other people are making fun plans for celebrating the new year, Adam and I are budgeting for the new year! I’m not always super into being disciplined and taking time to make financial plans, cause it can be kinda boring, but it makes a difference.
[Even Mr. Marbles had a great Christmas here at Casa de Cook! He got some treats and a name tag for his collar. His gift to us was posing so sweetly for the camera!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Sixty Two

Actually enjoyed a day of vacation.
 [This was probably my favorite gift to give this year. I had bought this little cardboard book for Adam before we knew about Cookie, it was his favorite book when he was little… So, when we found out about Cookie, I knew who would be giving this gift to ‘daddy’!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Sixty Two

For the last few days I was letting a little situation cause me to totally forget my list of blessings. Like, not a single thing could be good or right or lovely because of a tiny rain cloud… Well, the tiny rain cloud is gone and the situation handled, but I missed it. I missed an opportunity for growth. Since I recognized this error so quickly I can honestly say I’ve grown, but Lord help me make it the rest of the way!

[The situation was a little thing for work that I needed to take care of before my Christmas holiday. For a few reasons I couldn’t get it done and the stress of it was just eating me up. I went in on my time off and did what I could to make it right, and praise God, it paid off! Everyone was understanding and helpful and I can finally breath easier.]

[When you drive an old car and you get car decorations for the holiday you just say ‘why not?’! Annabelle The Lovable Tank got festive and she’s still rocking it!] 

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Sixty

I really like the quote ‘be stubborn about your goals, but flexible about the method’. I’ve worked on that for the past few years, and despite some people’s beliefs, I’ve been pretty successful. Today was a great example of how beautifully things can turn out if you’re flexible on the method, even if something is ‘a tradition’.
[Cook Family Christmas was pretty sweet today!]

[A picture of our tree from Christmas morning because why not]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Fifty Nine

Celebrating doesn’t have to equal stress. Holidays don’t have to equal rushing. We were able to celebrate our holiday with leisure and minimal stress. The time to celebrate is here and then gone, so why miss it? Now, here’s to sleeping in, great presents, good food, naps, family near and far, AND Cookie being 14 weeks today!
[Today was the first time in a month or more that I felt pretty. It’s nice to feel nice, especially while you’re pregnant.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Fifty Seven

Experiences > Material Things

[Tis the season to stress about what waste of space filler gift to give someone you barely know, when really you could be going out and making a memory! The greatest present you can give is your presence.]  [Today I went with one of our youth girls to paint pottery and hang out as her Christmas gift. The time we spent was so much better than anything I could have gotten her…]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Fifty Five

I’m about 13 weeks now, so my energy level should be past sloth now or soon. I DID get some really good cleaning done at the house… But I did also fall asleep at my desk for a few minutes today too…. Cheers to doing what you can during the season you’re in!  
[This kids book is sad, funny, and weird. Adam read the whole thing to me yesterday at Target.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Fifty Three

Adam told me my DD should be that I made sure he got up this morning. I must have done pretty well cause he was 10 minutes early for his appointment! When you’re partnered with someone you do what you can to help them be a success… Even if it means getting up before 7am. Ew.
[The roses have opened up and are looking less green! White roses are really something…]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Fifty

When you’re stepping into a new season in life, you gotta do a little research. When Adam and I were buying our home I read tons of articles about homeownership, decor, and renovation. Now that we’re gonna be parents we’ve read a lot of reviews for products, name meanings, and tips for traveling with little ones. However, I don’t want to neglect doing this same level of work for my passions or my job. I want to learn more to give my very best wherever I’m serving in church, at work, or at home. So, ya’ll, get studied up! Learning shouldn’t stop when we graduate from school, I want to be a life long learner.


[Some new Christmas decor at Casa de Cook! Bonus points: they’re covered in silver glitter!!!]