Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Thirty Four

[Forgive the terrible photo quality, the tree was looking so dreamy this evening…]
In the last few years I’ve learned something about faith: you’ll seem slow or stupid at times for having it. People want things now and can’t see WHY they can’t have it now, but what they don’t see is all that has to be worked out to make what they want to happen a reality. This is a super tough lesson, to have faith that someone is going to take care of a need you have or trust that a situation will work out… Faith and trust and patience all seem to go hand in hand. I am hopeful that we’ll be able to teach Cookie to trust us, to have patience with others, and to have faith that God’s got it.

2 Comments on “Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Thirty Four”

  1. Brittany Funk says:

    I love this! First I love the dancing Jesus art – I actually laughed out loud at work. And I completely agree with what you are saying. It certainly is hard to have that faith on some days because that means you have to be patient. I am a planner and right now half way through my pregnancy I don’t know where life will take me after my leave. Its hard to stay patient for that long but I have to remind myself that I am taken care of already.

    May God bless you and your family in raising a child to have all these skills.

    • caitlincook says:

      Thank you so very much, Brittany! I love knowing that my little thoughts or meditations can mean something to someone else! I also feel rather blessed if I can give people something to laugh about.
      Many congratulations on your upcoming little one! We’re all in this Planning Momma Boat together, so you’ve got some good company! I’ve been thinking on a scripture in Matthew about not worrying and it has been very very helpful for me. Keep up the great work, momma!

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