Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Thirty Eight

Spouse and I had one of our first genuine dates in a looooooooong time. We ate some great food, had some chai at the new Starbucks, and laughed a lot! I ACTUALLY HAD ADAM LAUGH BECAUSE I WAS FUNNY! It was dreamy. We also spent some time working on Christmas decorating. My heart feels full and warm and fuzzy…gross.

[I’m kidding about my joy being gross , BUT I know it’s annoying when everyone is gushing about their love life and you ain’t got nothin to gush about. So, shout out to those single homies, or private homies, who get sick of all the ooey gooey, lovey blog posts.]

[And to further make this sickeningly sweet post sweeter, my cat loves to cuddle me lately. Maybe Mr. Marbles already loves Cookie…]

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