Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Fifty

I’ve been thinking about what 2016 holds for Adam and I a lot lately. What are the goals I’ll try to tackle… Or will my goal be to just survive it all? So, in the middle is still being a semi functional member of the family, I’ve had all these big ideas and plans rolling around. This isn’t necessarily an issue, it’s pretty important stuff to think on, BUT I can’t become stuck by it. I need to remember to live here and now, to be present in the present. If I let myself be preoccupied with all the plans for tomorrow or the future I’ll miss enjoying the today. I really can’t afford to live that life any more.  
[Adam had these roses sent to me at work in Tuesday just because! I’ve come such a long way, instead of being embarrassed by the gesture I basked in the display of love! Thank you, Cook Adam for being consistent in your quest to woo me, even if we’re both awkward humans at times.] 

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