Daily Disciplines: Day Thirty

Working with our youth at church is basically the third greatest privilege I have in life.* Youth might not be your group, but please, find a way to invest in another generation. Maybe you’ll invest your money into an organization, or your skills and talents, or maybe you’ll open your home, or maybe you’ll pray…hey, you might do all that and more! Pour yourself out into others, amazing things can happen.)

[*Note: First greatest privilege I have is being Adam’s wife. Second is being the mother to Cookie and all future Cookies.]

[This little shelf will be repurposed for Casa de Cook’s future resident, but for now it’s housing pictures that bring us joy. A house without photos is not a home.]


Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty Nine

Today I finished a classic. And kinda wanted to punch it in the face. Good news though, I can check it off my list and start on the next…
[This audio book was a lot less monotone than the last one I got, but the man who was reading it trying to do the woman’s voice was hilarious.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty Eight

Don’t take for granted the people and things you have in your life. To keep it in perspective I’ll sometimes try to imagine what my life would be like WITHOUT those people and things I’m blessed with currently. It’s tough to confront the reality that those things could be gone, but I think it’s part of emotional growth. Mr. Marbles won’t always be here to cuddle and I need to be reminded of that reality when I’m frustrated with him… Your kids grow up in a flash, enjoy them while you have them… I just want to keep it in perspective…
[Marbles almost never looks like the sweet cuddle bug he truly is, so I laughed when he was kinda giving the camera the side eye.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty Seven

Worked on that house work. And watched a movie with my cat. Basically the best day ever.
[I made these potatoes several days ago and realized I still had this picture on my phone, so it’s the DD photo because, potatoes.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty Six

When you’re entering a new season, or a new job, or a new sport you get the required equipment or uniform. Following that same logic, I wore my first official piece of maternity clothes! It’s a new time in my life and my body just keeps on changing. So as it does, I’ll keep on adjusting. Thank God I’ve got these leggings!  

Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty Five

Take care of your pets… even if they don’t like bath time.
[Marbles did such a good job! He cried twice and only scratched once! I’m quite proud of him.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty Three

Lazy day at home with the three coolest people I could think of: Cook Adam, Mr. Marbles and Cookie of course! Tomorrow will be more productive, so maybe I’ll post something even if it’s a Sunday.
[I would have a cute belly picture to celebrate 18 weeks, but an obligatory snow photo happened instead. That hump in the snow on the left hand side is our recyclable’s can buried out on our back deck!]