Daily Disciplines: Day Twelve 

There’s a lot I could say about this evening or the weather or the roads or winter, but I don’t want to clutter your news feeds with that. The only thing that kept going through my mind was the quote ‘attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure’.

[Our town kinda had mini panic. It was truly a perfect storm of events: huge nationally televised basketball game, college traffic, whiteout with accumulation of maybe 3 inches of snow, major wind, serious temperature drop so everything turned to ice. Cars were all over the place because of conditions AND some people were in traffic so long they ran out of gas. So, traffic is usually bad in a college town, sporting event traffic is usually dodgy, and inclement weather makes for longer commutes home, but all together the town became a gridlock. I was able to stay at work till about 8 and get a ride home with my bosses… Adam was trying to pick me up for about four hours, a trip that would usually take about 30 minutes. I  feel very blessed to have been safe and warm today and to have my spouse come home safely. Prayerfully I’ll be able to get out tomorrow and get some more food for the house! 😄]  [I didn’t wear my flower crown to my baby appointment on Monday! When it’s cold outside I have a hard time caring about how I look, it’s more about warmth and function if it’s below 30 out! In any case, Cookie is doing well, I’m doing well, AND we have our next appointment scheduled to find out if Cookie is a boy or a girl!!!! February 11th cannot come soon enough!]

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