Daily Disciplines: Day Fifty Nine

Not quite finished with today’s DD yet, we’re completely rearranging our bedroom. So much cleaning and planning and furniture! I’m super excited about actually taking some time to create a sanctuary in our home just for us…

[Since I promised a better picture of the car, here it is! Cook Family 3.0 just keeps growing!]

[Photo Cred: selfie stick]

Daily Disciplines: Day Fifty Six

Roll with the changes your body will go through. Don’t get sloppy and just let your body be run into the ground, but work with what you have for where you’re at. I’m learning what it’s like to want to eat more food. I’m used to eating frequently, but the quantity has changed, which in turn is causing changes in my body. It goes without saying, cause you know, I’m pregnant, but it still takes a good attitude to carry you through the changes.
[Took this picture on Sunday, I am about 22 weeks along, and wearing my first maternity dress! We were FaceTiming my parents and mom was instructing me on how to pose properly, so another laughing picture!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Fifty

I did some of my favorite things today: read a book, cuddled my cat, spent time with my beautiful neighbors, and went on a nice walk with my husband. I also ate chicken and waffles which should get an honorable mention here.
[I got to go and spend some time with the newest addition to my neighborhood today. Since my friend had her baby two weeks ago we haven’t had any time to catch up, so today was a nice treat. It’s also crazy to think I’ll have one of these in four short months!!!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Forty Nine

I have people telling me all the time to get all the rest I can now, because when Cookie comes, it’s gonna get cray cray. Even though I don’t think you can save sleep/rest up in a magic bank somewhere, I take the advice pretty seriously. With another busy weekend ahead of us, I took the liberty of relaxing this evening.
 [I cannot believe how amazing these flowers are that Adam got for me! I don’t usually enjoy lilies all that much, but these ones are very unique. It’s been over a week now and I STILL have some lilies that haven’t blossomed! When I walk in the front door I immediately smell them!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Forty Eight

So it has begun…
Do all the research!
Register for all the gifts! 

And just so ya’ll know, Adam and I are putting effort into this registry and boy, is it work!

[If you haven’t heard of BabyList yet, look them up! It’s such a great concept: register for anything you want for any store you want in one convinient place. I might do an instructional video for family and friends to help them work it or, but this is amazing.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Forty Seven

Instilling a love of reading is important. One way to do that is to share a good book.
(A wonderful woman we go to church with really wanted to bless Cookie’s little socks off! She got us this book, plus she’s having a close friend build us a cradle. It’s amazing the great people God will put into your life… Anyway, I read this to Cookie tonight and he seemed to really like it since he started moving around a lot towards the end!)