Daily Disciplines: Day Eighty Nine

Juggling all the things that need started, finished, finalized, created, discussed, prayed about, and visualized is really tough. I’m grateful for the help I have in my life and the grace they’re giving me in this transition time. However, my DD habits and principles have helped with breaking down some of the larger tasks in prepping for Cookie and the baby shower!
[Shoutout to my momma for being so thoughtful and amazing! We love love love love love Cookie’s baby blanket and I cannot WAIT to pick out some more things for his space! Thanks, Grandma T and Grandpa C!]


Daily Disciplines: Day Eighty Seven 

Celebrated my favorite holiday with some great stuff: sunny skies, good food, some friends and family, grocery shopping, and most importantly, jelly beans.
[I missed posting yesterday because I fell asleep again! Being 27 weeks pregnant is awesome, but it’s got me all worn out. Have my next appointment on Thursday, but I think our little guy is doing great. Hard to believe we’ve only got 90 days left.]


 A family that laughs together has a lot more fun. Happy Easter, all. 

Daily Disciplines: Day Eighty Five

Don’t care how dodgy I look, WE GOT SOME DAIRY CREAM CORNER!!! I’ve had a hankering for a raspberry shake for a week or two and tonight was date night. Cookie and I are very happy.  
[This ice cream place is a local hot spot and it just opened for the season about a week ago. They have AMAZING  raspberry milk shakes. So, even if it is a bit of a drive, and was kinda late at night it was a blast to go. There’s always a bunch of people really excited about their ice cream. lol]

Daily Disciplines: Day Eighty Three

Been a tough week, so I’ve been taking time to relax and have missed posting. Don’t fear that I’m not DD-ing when I don’t post, it’s just not much worth reporting…
[Probably the best part of my entire week was chillin with my bff and this guy. Carson came into my life and totally changed my heart.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Eighty Two

When you’re growing up people will tell you ‘if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything’. I guess there’s a place for that, but some ‘not nice’ things NEED to be said. As we mature we have to discern what needs said and what doesn’t… It’s a learning process.
[Dinner at Denny’s at 9:30? Dessert too? Yep, it was a day. Thank God they’re only 24 hours long.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Seventy Nine

Cookie Room Craft Project is a go. He was gonna need a dresser and this one fit the bill, we’ll keep you updated!
[We’re making baby registry progress and buying this dresser was one less thing to worry about! Daily effort compounded over time yields big results!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Seventy Eight

Naming a human is thoughtful work…
[The future of naming babies?? 😂😂]