Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Eighteen

I spent some time and money on myself today. With so much changing and all the things I have going on I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. It was nice to just spend some time pursuing some stores and spending some birthday money.
[This was bound to happen at some point with our mutual love for plain tees and skinny jeans… Oh, and we both own the same scarf.]

[Quote from this mini photo shoot by yours truly: “When I looked at that picture I wondered what was wrong with my belly. I forgot I was pregnant.”]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Sixteen 

This evening I decided that a walk was a good idea. I also decided that if we were gonna have a bonfire we’d need marshmallows to roast… So, over 4,000 steps and an ice cream bar later, I was ready for a sit down! Even though the store didn’t have any marshmallows and we didn’t have a bonfire, spending time with my spouse during my favorite season was the best. Gotta find ways to enjoy life on the daily.
[31 weeks along, everybody! Visited my midwife today and things seem to be progressing well. Shoutout to Spouse for taking the great picture of me on Sunday… And letting me borrow that white shirt…]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Eleven

Me and my current stowaway picked up some sticks in the yard for bonfires and sat in the sunshine. I also managed to paint my toes, which was a feat of extraordinary power, and worked on shower invites. Cookie did a super job helping me remember that I have a rib cage and that he’s running out of room. Lovely day for momma and son.
[WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME??? I. GOT. A. SUNBURN. Granted, it’s not real bad and will probably fade by tomorrow or Friday, but what the what?!?!?! I promise I wasn’t outside that long today, I even went inside several times… I’ll be more careful, but my, I am not used to this!]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Nine

Writing ‘Thank You’ cards, going over the weekly schedule, doing laundry, and we even managed to slip in an episode of our favorite tv show! Cook Family 3.0 isn’t ALL work and isn’t ALL play, we like to mix it up… Keep life interesting.
[Heres the only decent shot we got from our big April Birthday Party-Pooloza. We probably should have started out with a picture, cause boy were we BEAT! Running around playing arcade games for a few hours will wear you out.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Eight

Mr. Marbles pretty much sums up how I spent most of my day: napping! I cannot say the same for Spouse, but that’s fairly normal. Even though it’s Sunday, and he’d much rather have a nap, he was working in the crawl space under the house. I’m so honored to have a partner that is so hard working, helpful, and understanding. Hats off to you Adam, and his brother Isaac!  
[I’ll have an actual picture from the work under the house tomorrow, Adam has them in his phone.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Three

Have you ever been talking to someone and said something that shocked you? YOU said something that shocked YOU? This could be a great or terrible thing, but either way it’s a revealing of your heart. Today I was proud about it… And if I’m honest, that’s not always the case.

My one word for 2016, the one thing I’ve been thinking on and working on, is motherhood. Since I’m pregnant that could seen like a cop out, seem like I don’t care. However, I think any woman who has had children can say motherhood is a strange thing. But today I was talking to my pastor about motherhood and I said: ” Motherhood isn’t a task you mark off or an achievement you reach, it’s process, it’s something you become.”. So, for the last 100 and some days I’ve meditated on this so much that God has renewed my mind and dropped this nugget into my heart. I’m so excited to see what else He has for me to learn about what motherhood means for me.  [I tried a new restaurant downtown this weekend. And I love how my good friend Kelly described it: subway for pizza.]

[Ummmmm, how are we 100 some days into the year?? Where has it all gone?? I hope y’all are still working on your goals!]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Two

Tonight I helped Adam come up with a plan of attack for several big projects here at Casa de Cook. Getting help to break down a huge task into more manageable parts of a necessity to reaching your goals. So, we gonna be gettin some help up in here!!
[At Cookie’s appointment today my midwife said I was measuring at about 29 weeks, and I thought I was only 28 weeks along! Maybe Cookie is gonna try to arrive on WV Day after all!!!]

[Oh, and my glucose test results were great, sugar level not even close to a concern. Looks like jelly beans for breakfast is a go!!]