Daily Disciplines: Day Ninety Nine

[Since I’ve not posted all week, here’s a little weekly update. This third trimester is kinda handing it to me, but ain’t nobody got time for that!]  

 I’ve been working extra hardcore to prepare to leave my job, Adam and I have been working double time on registry and home stuff, Marbles had to go to the vet (which was sad), my parents sent us Cookie’s present early, I took a lot of naps and had a lot of restless nights, AND I had an amazing day with my bff this week. In all of this, I’ve employed many DD habits that I’ve worked on over the past few years; but if I’m honest, I also found some room for improvement. It is always a good week if you can be proud of it, but also find room to grow.

[Mr. Marbles is all good now and has been his same old cuddle bug self!]

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