Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Fifty

After 6 years of this marriage deal I can say I’ve learned a lot. I walked in basically just a teenager and have grown into my own adult…as an added bonus I had the privilege of doing so with my favorite human beside me. I’m so excited for this next year and all the growing we’ll do. 

[The traditional 6th anniversary gift is candy or iron and naturally we went with the candy. And since we can’t do a long trip this year, we hopped up to the Sarris Chocolate Factory yesterday and bought a pile of chocolate. And a pound of jelly belly jelly beans. Best. Traditional. Gift. Ever.] 


Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Forty Nine

Even though today’s schedule was full to the brim with wonderful events for wonderful humans, I was still able to get a little bit done for Cookie prep!

[Adam and I are working with out youth department at church, and this was graduation weekend in our town. We had four graduating and then leaving our group, so we wanted to show our support. Two of the kids went to one school, while the other two went to different schools. So, Friday was two of them, and we had to miss one but went to her party today and today there was one graduation but two graduates. With WV hot and humid weather I bet y’all can guess how this very pregnant woman feels! Oh well, it’s all for a good cause!]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Forty Eight

Best. Fri-YAY. Ever.

[Breakfast with my favorite human, chores all over the house, a high school graduation, and dinner with my favorite human. Cherishing these days where it’s just us…]

[The car seat base has made it’s way to our car…now to install it…]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Forty Six

Maybe you don’t have baby gear to sorta through and organize and find homes for, but maybe you’ve got something else. Don’t be afraid or overwhelmed by it, maybe just take 15 minutes a day and before you know you’ll be totally done!

[Yesterday Adam and I went window shopping and Spouse picked this outfit to bring Cookie home in! My heart melted when Adam said this was it! 😍😍😍]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Forty Five

Walking on lunch break is going to be something I really miss about working with Spouse. I guess Cookie and I will have to go visit for a lunch time stroll around the neighborhood once in awhile!
[Adam snapped this while we were on our lunch today. It was finally nice enough out to be outside for a bit, too bad I was terrified of the cicadas…]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Forty Four

Don’t go into something thinking the worst. But if you do, admit you were wrong and rejoice in things being better than you thought.
[Had an appointment today and got to see our little #ManCrushMonday. Being 35 weeks along its tough to get a good picture of Cookie but he’s got a pretty cute profile. He’s measuring at approx. 5lbs 7oz and we talked labor and delivery! We’re to the home stretch now, y’all.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Forty Two

I got some rest today and it was heaven. Cookie seemed to enjoy it too cause he didn’t have a rave party all day in my womb!

[Best. Onesie. Ever. God bless, my fangirl aunt in Cali!]