Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Twenty Three

Not sure how missed these posts have been, but imma get back at it. Cook Family 3.0 is in crunch time with about 7 weeks till our teacup human arrives! So, in the spirit of getting things done and being productive, I came home from work, put my feet up, promptly fell asleep, and I’ve continued to chill. If it’s any consolation my spouse has been pretty productive…

[Oh, I went and picked up some groceries after work! I guess I have been semi productive.]

[Adam and I clean up nicely for weddings. Congrats to Garrick and my new cousin Jordan!]

[And also, what’s the deal with leg cramps?!?!? They’re terrifying and painful and the worst. Pregnancy is beautiful and wonderful and super, but leg cramps and restless legs are none of those above adjectives.]

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