Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Thirty Eight

I hope no one thinks my radio silence for the last week or so has been personal. I think I’ve processed things enough to finally post something. I know I sound like things were bad or I went through some traumatic week, nah, just full of feels cause of the hormones. 

These ladies have blessed me beyond measure. Not only making my baby shower amazing, but also for all the things they do for me that no one knows about. All the prayers, texts, phone calls, taco hangs, momma advice, and really more than I can even say… People, nurture the relationships you have, you have no idea how much they can change you for better AND for good.
[A lot can change in four months, yeah?? This top picture is from Heather’s shower in January and the bottom was from mine on Sunday. Minus Lacey’s rage, I’d say Team Hott Moms of America is looking good. Like, how did we get our hair to look this good in both pictures?!]

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