Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Sixty Three

Today I read a great article about the power of sharing. It was a nice encouragement for me and this Daily Disciplines journey I’ve been on. I share snippets of my life, my goals, my hopes, my failures, my personal development… And sometimes it feels stupid and pointless. But, if by sharing my journey I could change one person’s heart or encourage one person or open a door for one person, than every post has been worth it. You don’t know how powerful sharing your experiences can be…

[Pregnancy can be hard. Not all the time and not in general, but 38 weeks is feeling tough. Good news though, it’s for a great cause and it’s almost over. Soon I might be holdin my baby thinking that maybe it was easier having them quietly kick my ribs…]

[Thank God Lowe’s had a giant ladder I could sit on while Adam looked at wire! I’m finding that I need to sit a lot more than I’m used to.]

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