Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Sixty Five

There are tasks that you think are gonna be quick and easy. Tasks that you’re SURE shouldn’t have any issues. These tasks get put off at times because of their easy appearance. However, there are times that you find you’re missing a piece or a part of your task and it is NOT as simple as you though. Oh, and it might cost you 30$ in shipping. In times like that, it’s best to be chill and laugh, cause what is being mad gonna do?

[Had to order an additional part for our car seat today. Good news: it’ll be here in two days. Cookie is gonna need to keep chillin’ in the oven for a bit.]

[How is it that this kid has a cooler room than I do?? Also, Adam is being the best husband/daddy ever and helping in the nursery since my back hurts too much. But I also think he was just excited about playing with the baby monitor…]

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