Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Eleven

Adam and I took Victor to the park for the first time! We just walked around the paved walking trail they have, but it felt nice to be out about in the sunshine for a little while. I really haven’t been as active as I like, for obvious reasons, so I’m really really really looking forward to being more back to myself and getting active again!

[Would have posted a picture of us or the baby but we didn’t get one. I’ll have to make up for this grave mistake and take several tomorrow.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Ten

We can check ‘grocery shopping as a family’ off the list of new experiences.

[Also, Victor had his one month appointment today. He had to get a shot, but only cried for a minute! Adam and I are so proud of our little victor. He also got weighed and he’s getting so big! Weighed in at 8 lbs 10 oz!! It’s amazing how much changes in a month…]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Nine

I had few expectations about what things would be like as a new momma. I feel like the expectations I do have are more of what things will be like when Victor is older as I have a little more experience with kids than I have with babies… But, something I’ve been learning, probably since I got married, is that it’s okay to have expectations, but you can’t be trapped by them. Be willing to let your expectations go and be flexible.

[This picture is the third in a wonderful series on motherhood with my friends. Being pregnant with them was awesome and raising our tiny humans together will be a great adventure. I’m so privileged to have them as friends and cannot wait to take the next one with Gunnar!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Seven

One month ago Adam and I met our little prince. ‘Motherhood’ was my word for this year and I feel that there’s so much to learn and so much to develop. Thanks for all the encouragement and support I get from my friends and family, you all make the tough days a lot brighter. I’ll keep sharing my journey into what motherhood means to me, because you never know what sharing your journey can do for someone else.

[Thanks to my homegirl Jodi, Victor is gonna be stylin’ for his monthly picture! And I wanted y’all to see his legs all stretched out for once!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Six

Victor and I went to church this morning as a trial run. It took us an hour to get ready, and let me tell you, it was not THIS LADY taking so long! He and I made it on time and our little prince was super well behaved. I’m gaining more confidence in getting out of the house, however, I need to continue to extend grace to myself. We may arrive later than I want, I may not look as cute as I want, Victor might be hungry and fussy when I arrive, but I’m doing my best. Motherhood, like most of life, is about giving it your best. Please remember this post for a few months while I adjust to having this little prince out and about with me.

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Four

Yesterday may have been a bad day, but today was a great day. Victor decided to sleep 80% of the entire day, so that means momma got SO MUCH DONE. Slept in till 11, swept and mopped the floors, did four loads of laundry, actually ate lunch, cleaned the whole bathroom, made plans for tomorrow, AND we were able to do a photoshoot as a new family!! I’m crazy tired, but very satisfied with my day.

[This is a flashback from a month ago today! I visited Adam to have lunch with him, maybe had a doctor appointment, and installed the infant insert into our car seat. Funny to see how much can change in just a month.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Three 

On occasion people ask me how I’m doing and genuinely want to know. My usual response is ‘there are good days and bad days’. Today was a bad day. I had three hours of sleep, a very fidgety and fussy baby, and all of the feels. Sometimes I think I’m doing a super job for someone with a new baby, today however, all I was feeling was inadequacy. Adam stayed home with the baby while I ran to the store for a few things, did a tiny bit of retail therapy, and afterwards I was feeling somewhat better. This is no pity post: I’m doing fine, Victor is great, Adam is perfect as per usual… This is just me sharing the not so great stuff along with all of the beautiful moments I share. It’s okay to have bad days, they just can’t be more frequent than the good days.

[This dude was just being squirmy while he was sleeping. I decided to hide from him a bit… I just wanted him to stay sleeping.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred One

I was able to be relatively productive today! Most of that time was when Adam got home, but I was still productive. Four loads of laundry, most of it folded, some scheduling and meal planning for the week done, I finally managed to eat a lunch AND dinner, and I even sat outside for a bit. Victor was needing all of the cuddles today, so my arms were pretty full, and I had to rewash one load of laundry because I forgot soap, but all in all, pretty great day.

[Best picture of the new couch you people are gonna get for the time being! Also, my little family is perfect.]