Daily a Disciplines: Day One Hundred Eighty Three

Major life events change your relationships. It doesn’t have to be a disastrous thing, it can be a beautiful point of growth. Almost certainly painful, but if both parties are willing they’ll come out stronger. That being said, this major life event, having Victor, has grown Adam and I significantly. The growth seems to have just caused some of the best in us to blossom, and I’m beyond grateful.
[A week or two before Victor arrived, I told Adam he needed to get me the prettiest flowers of anyone that would get me flowers, cause you know, I was having his baby and all. I jokingly told him he should have a flower crown made for me, and you know what, he did. This man has honored me and shown me so much love and respect through this season change… I’m almost without words. Thank you for making me feel like your beautiful queen,  Adam.]

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