Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Ninety Three

As you enter a new season of life you’ll come across things about it that seem daunting. For example: when you enter the season of car ownership you might be nervous about paying the taxes or getting winter tires or remembering to get your oil changed. It’s the unknown that can paralyze us, and it’s okay to feel scared or nervous, you just can’t stay there. Ask someone for help, watch a YouTube video, read some articles, but most importantly, do the thing.

[Victor got his first real bath at home this evening! He did great, really seemed to enjoyed it until he decided he was hungry. As new parents you want to make sure you’re doing everything right and following the instructions someone gave to you in the three day whirlwind of info at the hospital. But you can almost seize up and not want to do anything for fear of it being wrong… Like I said above, ask others who know more than you and watch a YouTube video and just go for it. So far so good. ]

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