Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Three 

On occasion people ask me how I’m doing and genuinely want to know. My usual response is ‘there are good days and bad days’. Today was a bad day. I had three hours of sleep, a very fidgety and fussy baby, and all of the feels. Sometimes I think I’m doing a super job for someone with a new baby, today however, all I was feeling was inadequacy. Adam stayed home with the baby while I ran to the store for a few things, did a tiny bit of retail therapy, and afterwards I was feeling somewhat better. This is no pity post: I’m doing fine, Victor is great, Adam is perfect as per usual… This is just me sharing the not so great stuff along with all of the beautiful moments I share. It’s okay to have bad days, they just can’t be more frequent than the good days.

[This dude was just being squirmy while he was sleeping. I decided to hide from him a bit… I just wanted him to stay sleeping.]

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