Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Forty Three

Great Idea: see Adam for lunch and take a walk to the park

Not Great Idea: carry baby in your arms instead of taking the stroller 

Also Not Great Idea: in addition to heavy baby, have heavy backpack diaper bag on

Best Idea: enjoy the time you can find to be together as a family

[Adam held Victor while I played of the swings. It was heavenly. And made me giggle like I was in kindergarten again.]


Daily Disciplines: Fay Two Hundred Forty Two

Longest. Day. Ever.

[Early wake up as per Victor’s usual, took Adam to work, worked on the house, had a friend over, went out with same friend for a few hours, picked up Adam for Victor’s 2 month appointment where he got two shots, met with another friend and sat in all the traffic, helped said friend study for the ACT, and finally came home. And I think I was sweating the entire day… Besides the melt down on the way home Victor really took his day out in stride. Imma crash now.]

[No wonder my arms and back hurt so much, I’m carrying around a little turkey!!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Thirty Nine

I bought pants. If you have any experience with a postpartum body you’ll know this is a big deal. This may or may not have been the fourth store I’ve tried and it may or may not have taken trying on six different pairs… But I came out feeling good.

[This is like, my new favorite picture of my son.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Thirty Eight

The past several days have yielded some pretty cool conversations with my spouse. I know when you’re friends, then dating, and then engaged you talk about things. But as time goes on you grow and revisit some old topics. Or new ones crop up! How do we feel about our son dating? Having a job? Tattoos? Allowance? Public vs private school? Some of the conversations have been brief because neither of us really know how we feel or we both feel the same way. Some of them have gotten kinda heated, when I feel fiercely, I feel fiercely alright! Even if I get mad or frustrated or confused it’s great being able to get my talk on with one of my favorite people.

[MY BABY LAUGHS AND HE SMILES AND GIGGLES AND MY HEART HAS EXPLODED AND MY FACE MELTED OFF FROM ALL THE CUTENESS AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! But later, when he spit up on my favorite shirt and I smelled all day I was kinda annoyed. Then I looked at these pictures and got the love bubble all over again.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Thirty Seven

Been busy off and on for the last few days and missed posting this little man’s two month photo! His appointment is on Monday so we’ll know how much he weighs then, but he’s been a sweetie lately. Minus the times he’s raging and I’m trying to sweep and mop the floors. Or when he’s raging while I change for the 10th time cause I’m so insecure and nothing fits this new mom bod of mine. Also not very sweet when I’m crazy hungry and just want to eat something other than crackers… But when he smiles at me or coos and giggles or when he snuggles closer in his sleep… Those precious moments make up for the mini rage sessions just a bit.

[Its strange to feel so proud of half accomplishing a task. I half did the floors, hooray! I opened half the mail, yippie! The list goes on, it’s the new normal these days.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Thirty Three

If today was a tad bit cooler I think I could stand reliving it. Waking up to my two favorite guys, breakfast in bed, baking, visiting with people who love me, and the sun shine was lovely. Yes, today could happen again and I wouldn’t complain.

[Not every part of every day is perfect, but if you just squint I bet you’d see a lot more perfect days… Hindsight is 20/20 as they say.]

[By the way, if I’ve not shared this before, I adore my grandma. She’s an outstanding human in the most soft and quiet ways possible. That doesn’t mean she’s not tough or sharp, it just means she’s unexpectedly outstanding.] 

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Thirty Two

Victor has been getting cooler to spend time with progressively. He’s starting to react and express things… We played with some rattles today and he was all kinds of smiley! I read him one of my favorite stories today and he seemed like he was at least trying to listen. Everyday holds a promise of something new for him… I wonder what my life would be like if I endeavored to see the world more like him.

[That last part is more of a metaphor, not so literal. Right now his vision is kinda terrible, cause you know, he’s two months old…]

[Check out this dude and his neck control. Added bonus: very serious face.]