Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Thirty Seven

Been busy off and on for the last few days and missed posting this little man’s two month photo! His appointment is on Monday so we’ll know how much he weighs then, but he’s been a sweetie lately. Minus the times he’s raging and I’m trying to sweep and mop the floors. Or when he’s raging while I change for the 10th time cause I’m so insecure and nothing fits this new mom bod of mine. Also not very sweet when I’m crazy hungry and just want to eat something other than crackers… But when he smiles at me or coos and giggles or when he snuggles closer in his sleep… Those precious moments make up for the mini rage sessions just a bit.

[Its strange to feel so proud of half accomplishing a task. I half did the floors, hooray! I opened half the mail, yippie! The list goes on, it’s the new normal these days.]

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