Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Thirty Eight

The past several days have yielded some pretty cool conversations with my spouse. I know when you’re friends, then dating, and then engaged you talk about things. But as time goes on you grow and revisit some old topics. Or new ones crop up! How do we feel about our son dating? Having a job? Tattoos? Allowance? Public vs private school? Some of the conversations have been brief because neither of us really know how we feel or we both feel the same way. Some of them have gotten kinda heated, when I feel fiercely, I feel fiercely alright! Even if I get mad or frustrated or confused it’s great being able to get my talk on with one of my favorite people.

[MY BABY LAUGHS AND HE SMILES AND GIGGLES AND MY HEART HAS EXPLODED AND MY FACE MELTED OFF FROM ALL THE CUTENESS AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! But later, when he spit up on my favorite shirt and I smelled all day I was kinda annoyed. Then I looked at these pictures and got the love bubble all over again.]

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