Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Seventy Three

There will be days that you’re just trying to survive parenthood. It’s okay. Keep doing your best, your “surviving” will turn into “thriving”.

[Another tough afternoon for Victor and mommy. But we did watch Zootopia together, which was sweet.]

[Best $8 ever spent: this baby björn carrier is bae. Victor fell asleep during youth so I could participate again! I’ve missed my being back with our youth but this carrier is gonna make my return triumphant!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Seventy Two

In case you were unsure, or forgot, you are in charge of how you act. You are NOT in charge of how someone else acts. The “someone” in my last sentence includes your children. So, imma just leave this here to remind myself to not be embarrassed when my Victor decides to act a way that I may feel is contrary to what would be appropriate in the moment. For example, crying and fussing while people are talking at MOPS meetings or red face scream-crying while I’m trying to put him to bed… Young children are doing what they know to do to communicate a message, lets teach them how to do it successfully.
[Note: I know my baby is still very little, I’m not mad at him for crying or fussing, that’s how he communicates at the moment. Just sharing some thoughts.]

[Also, here’s his three month picture a few days late! This was the nicest one we could get, he was crying through most of the other ones.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Seventy

When you’re being disagreeable or irritable, ask yourself a few questions. Am I hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? I’ve found that solving one or more of those issues causes me to be much more pleasant. Tonight it was soup that helped me to be more bearable.

[The above prescribed method also works on your small humans. Today, Victor got the tiny baby rage all because he needed a good nap. After that he was allllllll smiles.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Sixty Eight

Don’t forget where you started, it’ll give you humility and grace… Especially when dealing with people who are where you used to be. Extend your hand in understanding and help someone get on the right track; I don’t know where I’d be if someone hadn’t done that for me.
[Some teens came by our house asking if they could now our grass for some money. They’re both too young to get a job, but they’re willing to work hard. Adam usually does the grass, and had planned on doing it today, but let the two dudes do it. Adam was conflicted, do we have the cash money to throw at mowing the grass? But I reminded him that he started out doing odd jobs for money. If people hadn’t taken a risk on him and his Lawncare abilities he wouldn’t have been able to purchase my wedding ring! I reminded him today that everyone starts somewhere, practice makes perfect, and sometimes you just need the opportunity to try. I’m glad we have those two guys a chance to earn some money… Prayerfully they’re going to pursue a noble cause]

[Last Sunday I wore another pair of dress pants from like, 2010! Adam took this picture and hadn’t sent it to me till today, sorry for the latergram.] 

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Sixty Six

Planning for the future doesn’t just mean you THINK about the future you’d like to have, sometimes you’ve got to ACT. Meet with a financial advisor, get some life insurance, have a will done, have some discussions with your family. Don’t be afraid of what the future may hold but don’t just leave things up to chance.

[Victor got some new jammies and he looks precious in them.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Sixty Five

We encourage people to speak their mind, let their voice be heard, share their feelings, etc. etc. But how often do we give helpful feedback to a company? How often do we share our feelings in a constructive way to a business? I gather not very often, or only if you’re displeased. But today I went out on a limb and let my voice be heard!

[With all the development happening in town I thought I’d let Charming Charlie know I’d love to see them here! Maybe my dream will come true….]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Sixty Three

Adam and I each had separate things to do yesterday morning/afternoon but when we saw each other we both needed a nap. Four hours later our Saturday was mostly gone! Since we got our rest on yesterday we decided to work around the house on a Sunday, which isn’t Adam’s usual. Our focus was our room and making some changes we’ve talked about for awhile. Switching up what we do or would usually do is nice every now and again.

[Adam bought me a nail polish rack for Christmas and we just got around to hanging it today. Dreamy.]