Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Sixty Eight

Don’t forget where you started, it’ll give you humility and grace… Especially when dealing with people who are where you used to be. Extend your hand in understanding and help someone get on the right track; I don’t know where I’d be if someone hadn’t done that for me.
[Some teens came by our house asking if they could now our grass for some money. They’re both too young to get a job, but they’re willing to work hard. Adam usually does the grass, and had planned on doing it today, but let the two dudes do it. Adam was conflicted, do we have the cash money to throw at mowing the grass? But I reminded him that he started out doing odd jobs for money. If people hadn’t taken a risk on him and his Lawncare abilities he wouldn’t have been able to purchase my wedding ring! I reminded him today that everyone starts somewhere, practice makes perfect, and sometimes you just need the opportunity to try. I’m glad we have those two guys a chance to earn some money… Prayerfully they’re going to pursue a noble cause]

[Last Sunday I wore another pair of dress pants from like, 2010! Adam took this picture and hadn’t sent it to me till today, sorry for the latergram.] 

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