Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Seventy Two

In case you were unsure, or forgot, you are in charge of how you act. You are NOT in charge of how someone else acts. The “someone” in my last sentence includes your children. So, imma just leave this here to remind myself to not be embarrassed when my Victor decides to act a way that I may feel is contrary to what would be appropriate in the moment. For example, crying and fussing while people are talking at MOPS meetings or red face scream-crying while I’m trying to put him to bed… Young children are doing what they know to do to communicate a message, lets teach them how to do it successfully.
[Note: I know my baby is still very little, I’m not mad at him for crying or fussing, that’s how he communicates at the moment. Just sharing some thoughts.]

[Also, here’s his three month picture a few days late! This was the nicest one we could get, he was crying through most of the other ones.]

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