Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Four

We all sat at, or on in Victor’s case, our tiny table for dinner tonight! Meals as a family are important, so I guess you start it early.

[We couldn’t get him to set the table, or even contribute to the conversation tonight, all he wanted to do was play with his toy! But really, it was really great having dinner all together, Victor was really good.]


Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Two

Victor and I had a little movie date today. He was sorta a lousy date, he didn’t get me any popcorn or soda, AND he fell asleep on me! Oh, well, I enjoyed the movie and cuddles from my baby.

[This afternoon the sun was very bright!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred

I don’t have much to report on for today. It happened, I did things. Tomorrow I’ll do more things.

[In other news, Victor wanted me to post his first selfie. Pretty good, right?]

[not actually a selfie, but it really does look like one!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Ninety Nine

Have fun. Make up songs. Laugh more.

[Been making up songs and singing to our little prince for 4 months today! We’ll get a picture of him in his special onesie tomorrow, so this picture of us singing will have to do.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Ninety Eight

Keep your word.
[Victor and I went to see the women who worked that my bank. When I was pregnant I used to go in all the time and chat with them, and when I got closer to having him they asked me to bring him in for a visit. It’s taken me just about four months to make good on my promise, but it was great!]


Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Ninety Seven

It’s our 2nd Homeiversary!! Adam celebrated in true homeowner fashion: by working on the house and making a trip to Lowe’s. Our home has changed a lot in the last year, but I find that most of the changes are unseen. The attic has more insulation and some flooring down, the center beam of the house has been evened out, the shed has an actual floor… and the house is filled with so much more love than it was a year ago. Victor has not only changed our lives, he’s changed our home too. Casa de Cook will never be the same! So here’s to a new year of homeownership with more projects and even more love.

[Victor was only a month old when we had this taken!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Ninety Six

Saturday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. Last Saturday Adam made homemade biscuits, and this morning he was going to make more! These little cozy homey things are what I hope to carry into our future. I’d like Saturday mornings to be a special looked forward to day at Casa de Cook.

[Pro Tip: Binge watching The Magic School Bus is a great idea.]