Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Forty Eight

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… I broke one bulb, decorated four gifts, sorted the other Christmas gifts, and prepared some Christmas cards for the mail. Holiday season is in full swing now!

[For those of you who weren’t around for our apartment living days, meet circle tree! We didn’t really have a space back then for a Christmas tree, so I bought this wreath and decorated it. However, when we moved into the house there was a nice tree in the shed, but this year we wanted to save some more space. We’re not quite done with making Casa de Cook festive as all get out, but this is a start.]


Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Forty Five


[Sometimes your investments look like stocks and bonds. Other times your investments look like food, games, Christmas music, and a house full of youth kids.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Forty Four

Pro Tip: Actually get out of your house and invest in yourself.

[Impromptu bestie hangs with my girl Heather tonight. First time we’ve gotten together sans babies since we had them!😳 We’ll do it again sometime…hopefully. 😄]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Forty Two

Remember that time I was in a funk so we decorated the house for Christmas to cheer me up? Yeah, we decided that at 11pm… guess I should get some sleep now.
[That whole “be kind to those you meet, for everyone is fighting a hard battle” thing is real. You don’t know how much a person might need your compliment or how much that don’t need you to point something obvious out. I’ve not been the best at this in the past, I mean, guys, I have REALLY stuck my foot in my mouth. I didn’t consider how my words would be taken and I’ve really hurt people who were already hurting. Since I’m fighting some hard battles at the moment, this concept means something much more personal….]

[Btw, at the moment I can’t be bothered to look up the actual quote or who it is attributed to. It’s late y’all and I’m tired! In place of my Christmas decorations check out this cool mural we saw in Vegas.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Forty One

Getting ready for a party takes about a week. This is the prep week… Victor hasn’t been down for it. On the up side I did get my bathroom clean!

[Saturday mornings with our son is the best. I kinda wish every morning could be Saturday morning…]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Forty

Experiences have a lot more value than we tend to think…
[This place was lit! Seriously, there’s a lot of Christmas lights at this magical holiday place. Hidden in our neighborhood there are several houses that all share their backyard and crest this amazing walk/drive through with all kinds of lights and displays. They also have a Santa that hands out gifts to all the kids. It’s an amazing gem a short walk away. Next year Victor will enjoy it a lot more I imagine. Maybe we’ll go when Santa is actually there too! Shoutout to my cool neighbors for telling us about it and allowing us to tag along!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Thirty Six

I need to take some of my own DD advice and do a little bit everyday to accomplish a goal. Have you ever had a problem following your own expert advice? …this whirlwind of motherhood makes things a little bit different…

[Its been a little chilly here back on the east coast. Good thing I got Victor this warm hat while we were on vacation!]