Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Nine

Writing ‘Thank You’ cards, going over the weekly schedule, doing laundry, and we even managed to slip in an episode of our favorite tv show! Cook Family 3.0 isn’t ALL work and isn’t ALL play, we like to mix it up… Keep life interesting.
[Heres the only decent shot we got from our big April Birthday Party-Pooloza. We probably should have started out with a picture, cause boy were we BEAT! Running around playing arcade games for a few hours will wear you out.]


Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Five

Level Up: 25
 [Such quiet celebration, but lovely all the same. I’ll get to thanking y’all tomorrow, this pregnant woman is TIRED!]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Four

Celebrating with others makes the celebration sweeter.
[This is the most exhausted I’ve ever been on a birthday eve. But I’m so blessed to have shared cake with our youth kids!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Six

New Year, New Me: Bronco Addition – CUP HOLDERS. Annabelle the Lovable Tank at decided to join us all in 2K16 and get some cup holders. Happy 30th year of Bronco-ing, you precious green tank!
[The DD lesson here could be to celebrate where you are and what you have… You could certainly have less than you do now…]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Forty Seven

Planning can be tough on your own, it’s nice to have help. Crafting can be tough on your own, it’s nice to have help.

Eating tons of taco salad can be tough on your own, it’s nice to have help. 

Cleaning up after a bangin craft night with some great girls can be tough on your own, it’s nice to have help. 

Shoutout to my peeps for lots of laughs and so much craft. My heart is so full.

[Adam and I are working in the youth department at church and loving it! Tonight I hosted a girls craft night and it was a hit. We had a taco salad bar and then decorated our initials. I’m hoping we can have more nights like this, owning a home has been a huge help!]

[Note: today was also my spouse’s birthday. Some he had to work and the craft night was today I wanted to make his morning special. I saw something like this on Pinterest awhile ago: get some balloons, and try memories or photos to the ends and surprise them in the morning with the balloons and memories! I decided to try it. 27 balloons and 27 handwritten memories later, we had this:

 It doesn’t seem like it, but Adam is buried under that quilt and very much asleep! I woke him up by singing a good ol happy birthday! It was a cray cray day, but so wonderful.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Thirteen

Began a mini belated birthday craft project tonight. Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow.

[This photo has nothing to do with the project. All shall be revealed at the proper time. This is a closer photo of our new cups for using on the deck. They say ‘salud’ which means ‘health’.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Seven

I fell asleep before I posted my DD yesterday, but this one is related. I sent out another batch of happy mail on Friday, so it was only proper that I take the time to organize my new card boxes. For several years I’ve been keeping birthday cards, anniversary cards, thank you card, and other kind notes from friends and family in one ugly shoe box. Since I’ve gotten married this box had exploded! To solve this, I bought a box for my cards, Adam’s cards and then a box apiece for our little notes we write each other. It was crazy to look back and find cards from my 13th birthday, THAT WAS 10 YEARS AGO!!! It made my heart happy to see how loved I am.