Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Twenty Eight 

My midwife once told me ‘pregnancy isn’t a disease’ and she’s right. At 33 weeks I can sit in the sun, help with a painting project, go on a wagon ride around the house, paint my nails, help with some yard work, waddle around stores checking prices for party supplies, and still look cute! I’ve got limits, but I’m not bound up unable to participate in life!

[May have slightly over done it, but it was such a nice day. AND I got to enjoy it with my bff  Adam.]

[Side note: guess who wore sunscreen and didn’t get burnt? THIS girl!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Fifteen

A coffee table craft project yet to begin, flowers bought half off, and Adam making a mess in the hallway again: what does it all have in common? PROGRESS! Little things are slowly pulling this house together to become our home.

IMG_6769.JPG[Oh, by the way…I got those green curtains! I cannot wait to see them up!!!]

[Annnnnnd, Adam began his patch job on the hallway ceiling tonight. The first order of business was to take the texture off. Can you say ‘messy’?]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Eighty Three

About halfway through this year, I would have thought I’d be father along in some areas. Ooooooor, at least have a more interesting DD to post! I worked on my craft project some more today. I took to multitasking most of the time I worked on it, which worked really well for me. Keep moving forward…

[This is a sweet picture of the heart shaped PB & J sandwich Adam made for me]