Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Sixty Eight

Don’t forget where you started, it’ll give you humility and grace… Especially when dealing with people who are where you used to be. Extend your hand in understanding and help someone get on the right track; I don’t know where I’d be if someone hadn’t done that for me.
[Some teens came by our house asking if they could now our grass for some money. They’re both too young to get a job, but they’re willing to work hard. Adam usually does the grass, and had planned on doing it today, but let the two dudes do it. Adam was conflicted, do we have the cash money to throw at mowing the grass? But I reminded him that he started out doing odd jobs for money. If people hadn’t taken a risk on him and his Lawncare abilities he wouldn’t have been able to purchase my wedding ring! I reminded him today that everyone starts somewhere, practice makes perfect, and sometimes you just need the opportunity to try. I’m glad we have those two guys a chance to earn some money… Prayerfully they’re going to pursue a noble cause]

[Last Sunday I wore another pair of dress pants from like, 2010! Adam took this picture and hadn’t sent it to me till today, sorry for the latergram.] 

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Twenty Six

Victor and I will be sleeping well tonight! We had an early start getting ready for Women of Witness and going with Shannon, then getting stuck in student traffic. Once we came home, we got Adam to go out on a little date. THEN we got to see Bre’s new place and we came home to have dinner. Basically I’m getting right back to what a normal Saturday would be for me, I just added a baby.

[Also, our little prince is 7 weeks old today and amazingly, getting cuter everyday.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Ninety Six

Growing as a person is strange business. I’ve talked about this several times over my DD journey and I’ve found that at each new juncture of growth there’s a period of disorientation. Right now I’m floating in this odd place of ‘Who is this woman?’ and ‘What does she feel?’ and ‘Should she feel this way?’ or ‘What does she feel about this?’. Three weeks ago I walked into room 538 one person and three or so days later I walked out the same but very different. I guess I’m sharing this for those of us who are hovering in that place of adjustment to say that is okay to still be learning this new person. Take your time getting to know this leveled up version of yourself. And those of you who love these ‘same same but different’ people, be patient. Have grace while we walk out our growth and development. It’s frustrating to look in the mirror and not recognize the person looking back at you. Encourage and support those you love.

[I’m alright people, don’t get weird on me, just being a bit introspective on this motherhood deal. Remember my word for the year is ‘motherhood’! I’m just spending a bit of time between feedings and sleep to examine my feels about leveled up Caitlin.]

[Also, Victor is great and growing lots. I’ll get back to regularly scheduled spamming of your newsfeed with photos of him soon. Been crazy tired, yo.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Seventy Three

Y’all gotta quit worrying, as if I’m NOT gonna post something when I’ve had my baby! Please.(^^ This statement is meant mostly for my family and friends who are under the impression that if they haven’t spoken to me in a day or so, even if we hardly ever speak, that I MUST be in the hospital having this baby. Weirdos.)

Anyway, today’s DD is to listen to your body. Give it rest when it needs it. Make your body a priority. That’s probably one of the biggest lessons I’m going to take away from being pregnant. I had to learn to listen better to my body because it was very overtly affecting another person: my son. But, once he’s not living in the womb, I still need to remember that if I don’t care for my body I won’t be able to care for him. I want to be able to run after him, ride bikes… I want to participate in him growing up. But enough hormonal mom ramblings, just take some naps every now and again, Kay?

[Here is some proof that this dude is still chillin’ out, but has dropped. Also proof that I braved the cicadas and was in my backyard this evening.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Sixty Nine

MMore rest, more laundry, more last minute friend hangs, and I even managed to bake some zucchini bread!

[Took this picture today, on my last day of being 38 weeks pregnant. I hadn’t been feeling Cookie’s movements much lately, but he’s been letting me know he’s still there today! Adam and I are hoping this guy comes to bless us this Monday so he can share a birthday with BEST VIRGINIA! Oh, and cause we really want to hold him. Also, I’m pretty much over this pregnancy thing.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Thirty Eight

I hope no one thinks my radio silence for the last week or so has been personal. I think I’ve processed things enough to finally post something. I know I sound like things were bad or I went through some traumatic week, nah, just full of feels cause of the hormones. 

These ladies have blessed me beyond measure. Not only making my baby shower amazing, but also for all the things they do for me that no one knows about. All the prayers, texts, phone calls, taco hangs, momma advice, and really more than I can even say… People, nurture the relationships you have, you have no idea how much they can change you for better AND for good.
[A lot can change in four months, yeah?? This top picture is from Heather’s shower in January and the bottom was from mine on Sunday. Minus Lacey’s rage, I’d say Team Hott Moms of America is looking good. Like, how did we get our hair to look this good in both pictures?!]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Nine

Writing ‘Thank You’ cards, going over the weekly schedule, doing laundry, and we even managed to slip in an episode of our favorite tv show! Cook Family 3.0 isn’t ALL work and isn’t ALL play, we like to mix it up… Keep life interesting.
[Heres the only decent shot we got from our big April Birthday Party-Pooloza. We probably should have started out with a picture, cause boy were we BEAT! Running around playing arcade games for a few hours will wear you out.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Ninety Nine

[Since I’ve not posted all week, here’s a little weekly update. This third trimester is kinda handing it to me, but ain’t nobody got time for that!]  

 I’ve been working extra hardcore to prepare to leave my job, Adam and I have been working double time on registry and home stuff, Marbles had to go to the vet (which was sad), my parents sent us Cookie’s present early, I took a lot of naps and had a lot of restless nights, AND I had an amazing day with my bff this week. In all of this, I’ve employed many DD habits that I’ve worked on over the past few years; but if I’m honest, I also found some room for improvement. It is always a good week if you can be proud of it, but also find room to grow.

[Mr. Marbles is all good now and has been his same old cuddle bug self!]